Our service is a professional and specialised one providing acccommodation and care for domestic animals. We provide large and practical accommodation suited to the purpose and deliver room service (cleaning, water mangagement, meals) and extra food as required, as well as exercise and general care and attention.

We also provide additional medical and dietary services and special assistance as necessary.

The Boarding service we offer includes day stay, short term boarding (days) to medium term (weeks)  and long term stays (months).   

We provide day care, holiday care and care for the elderly or infrm. We aim to keep them happy and well until your return.

What we offer is generous and comfortable accomodation and professional care within a safe and secure environment.

We welcome you to come and visit to see for yourself how the guests are accomodated and that they are comfortable, happy and secure in their boarding environment.


It is important to make the first stay a successful one and it is best that you tell us all about their age and stage and personality and likes and dislikes and we can better care for them.

All pets have access to fresh water, good food and access to exercise yards.

A hesian bed is provided for sleeping and for a day bed.  Additional bedding may brought from home or hired for a small fee.

For dogs meals are freshly cooked each day and served late afternoon for dinner.  For dogs that require a second meal, kibble (Pedigree, Advance or Eucanuba) is offered in the morning or afternoon. Special diets are also given according to prescription or request. Let us know when you book if possible or check- in.

For cats premium dry food is served each morning (Science Diet or Advance) and wet food each evening (Whiskas, Dines or Fancy Feast) or the cats own special diet may be brought in if needed.

Given that we are a very large establishement we have a wide range of accomodation choices to meet the needs of animals boarding and larger premium accomodation is available for a small additional fee.





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