Cat Boarding


All cats must have current F3 vaccination.

We have a variety of boarding houses (catteries) for the cats ranging from smaller short stay rooms and inside/outside pens with a veranda on the garden, to a variety of larger, long term rooms, to really roam around.

Each cat has a cubby to snuggle up in which is placed on a heating pad for the winter.


We have many happy campers with cats boarding happily weeks and months at a time.

We feed premium dry food for cats and whiskas variety wet food. We also feed premium wet foods such as dines and fancy feast and fresh meat.  Other special diets including prescription diets need to be brought in from home are happily served.

Cats also receive loving attention and extra time from staff if they are in need of extra pats and cuddles.  This usually helps if they are feeling very subdued and can often recharge the appetite if this seems to be a problem.

Some cats prefer to hide away and are quite anti social.  That’s OK but we keep a check on their eating and daily habits and we do a report on their movements and health and wellbeing each day.



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