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The Dog Boarding community – how does it work?

To ensure a healthy boarding community all dogs must have current C5 vaccination.

We also need to know about your pet’s current health and whether they have any particular medical or dietary issues or needs. 


Exercise and play

For dogs exercise and play are considered an important component of care during boarding. Breeds of dogs that are able to socialise with other dogs are offered group play with suitable others unless owners advise otherwise.

Groups are made up according to breed, age and temperament.

Dogs have access to the exercise yards for a time each morning and / or afternoon depending on need and availability.  Generally most single exercise dogs get about 20 to thirty minutes in the yard and groups stay out for about an hour or more.

At Tara we believe that companion boarding is best for most dogs of a suitable breed.  We assess their suitability in general and with particular types and individuals from which they can choose their friends. Friends for companion boarding are found during play. 

Staff keep an eye on the group to ensure everyone is happy with their place in the group and there are no personality clashes!!   All play is supervised.

Breeds that are not dog friendly include Mastiff, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Staffy to name a few and all dogs have access to the yards on their own. These dogs are however usually very people friendly and can gain from some personal attention such as a walk or staff assisted playtime in addition to time out in the yard.

The accommodation and care services we provide at Tara aim to meet the needs of the dog population as a whole and the individual needs of each dog.






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