Can all pets go Boarding – what is required?

Dogs are mostly very easy to please. They are happy to come and stay and they are SO happy to see their family on their return.

Tell us as much as you can about your dog when you bring them in and we will get to know them. 

Of course there are a many that need special attention for example if they are arthritic or have hip problems or allergies or just because they are very old or have some problem or other. These dogs can board happily if there needs are met.

Very occasionally there are some dogs who are not suitable for boarding. At one extreme these dogs may be very nervous and are not able to cope away from their family although this is very rare. On the other side there are some dogs that are very aggressive and they may pose a risk to staff and other boarders also fairly rare.

Cats are a little more complicated than most dogs, and may need extra attention to settle in. 

Most cats are fine after coming a couple of times and we get to know their likes and dislikes. They have a cubby to sleep in and places to hide away if they wish. There is no need for additional bedding but you may bring in something if you wish.

We also happily board rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. Please bring the cage for your bird or guinea pig and their food.


What if they get sick?

The carers watch their charges very closely. Communication and reports across the Team are a critical component of the animal care work.

If we are worried at all we check with the pets owner first and the pets own vet. If there is an accute problem and we are unavailable see your vet we use our own vet who is always very attentive to the needs of pets at Tara and is happy to liaise directly with owners and vet if this is required.

Owners are responsible for the cost of veterinarian services.


What bedding do you provide, should I bring it from home?  

We provide a hessian trampoline bed to sleep on and one as a day bed to lounge on.

It is not necessary to bring a bed or bedding although you may if you wish. Please no bean bags.  Please mark belongings with the pets name and family name.

We can provide additional bedding for hire for a small additional fee.


What are they fed and when?

For dogs we get fresh mince from Leaonards and prepare it to our specifications and mix with a little rice. We drain off any excess fat. This is the main meal and is served in the afternoon.  Many dogs are on two meals a day and for some even three if required. Additional meals are charged at specified rates. We feed various dry kibble brands including Pedigree Mince and Vegetable, Advance and Eucanuba.

We feed premium dry food for cats and whiskas variety wet food. We also feed premium wet foods such as dines and fancy feast and fresh meat.  Other special diets including prescription diets need to be brought in from home are happily served.

We are very happy to accommodate special needs and requests and invite you to discuss your requirements.


Is there any thing I need to know for my dog / cat time first time boarding?

Depending on the dog some will love it and feel happy immediately sensing the numbers of dogs who are here and have come and gone before them – the sniffing here is great! They anticipate a good time and can't wait to join the boarding community.

Others will feel nervous not knowing what is going on and why they are being left here. For these dogs it is best to come early and they get to see lots of other dogs coming and going from the yards and the staff interacting with all the dogs in their boarding house. IF you think they may fret because they feel worried about it all sometimes it is best to just have them stay one night and then pick up the next day.  This way they know you are coming back and they feel less worried on the next visit.  They can settle down and enjoy their fun with the other dogs or watching the goings on. This is particularly relevant to older dogs with no prior experience.

The same can is true for cats.  For cats though the second time they can sense you are going away and before you even get the cats carry box they are gone (on the roof or under the house).  Cats do seem to prefer to stay home on the bed with you and they may challenge your ideas at first. Again with experience most cats settle very well.




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