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We would like to point out that we provide generous accomodation for dogs however we are not a resort. We think the resort claim by some is a bit of a stretch of reality really, unless there is a coast line, or pool-side rooms, palm trees and banana chairs! We think this marketing needs a relaity check. Its especially the case when you dont get to see inside the "resort". Its a secret resort. Really?

The claim of being a resort, when you see the outside of a shed is more than likely just that! Inside the shed there is likely little to no natural light or anything natural really. What you will find in there is noise from unsettled and bored dogs. They can also be hothouses for viruses and bacteria moving around the enclosed environment. Indoor boarding for dogs seems like and is sold as a good idea to dog owners but is unnatural, unnerving and boring for most dogs. Nothing to do with what dogs like about the world. Dogs like the real world. Sky, trees, the breese in the day and a private snug area to go to have a rest and when they want to sleep peacefully at night. As well as the privacy and a snug plave they love opposite - acccess to the world outside when they want. At our boarding kennels they see the other dogs pass by to the yards, new dogs coming by with their owners and going back out with their family as well as dogs moving in and out of the yards. Its interesting! They cant see their next door neighbours but they can see across the way and the comings and goings and evrything there is to see outside. Its interesting and dogs relax in the normal real world with no restrictions and no intrusions. Its normal and real and with plenty of room to move around they relax and attend to the moment and time goes by in the normal way. Come and see for yourself. Visit the indoor kennels and then come and see ours. We think that is the best way... see for yourself, bring your dog if you like and see what you think and feel in our environment.


As you probably know we are the longest established and we believe the best boarding kennels in the Canberra region.  We dont have just one large boarding area but a range of boarding houses to suit the needs of all dogs.j The neighbours are nice!

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded the heating and now have new in-slab heating for big and little dogs and it is very cosy. Nevertheless it is still  important to bring a jumper or coat if your dog is very young or old or has short hair or just plain feels the cold.

Dogs don't spend all day on their bed and if the weather is chilly it is nice to have a jumper if available. We put jumpers and coats on at about 3 or 4pm and take them off in the morning before exercise if its not too cold. 















As usual we booked out for the Christmas and New Year period and have a great assortment of young and old, regular and new boarders.

We have customers going off to see family and friends in all States and territories and many on overseas jaunts.

We are happy for travellers to email us for updates on how their beloved pets are doing and we are always pleased to put postcards on the doors to their rooms and give them and extra cuddle from you.

As it turns out it is not a particularly hot summer with more rain than we have seen in some time. Its great for the garden though!

To give the dogs additional time out for play and exercise we have put a new very large yard (about three quarters of an acre) near to the large dog kennels at the back . Located within this large yard is a large horse stable. It provides the opportunity for getting some speed up and getting run time for the very energetic and there is also a lovely old stable that provides excellent shelter from the elements if they want down time during their outside time. This yard is used for long term and very energetic and curious dogs to make the most of their time and their new found friends.

On another issue of a more concerning note I want to update customers on our plans for the evacuation of boarders in the event of any disaster such as flood or fire.

As we know from the many events such as the flooding that has occured across Australia and the shocking fires that have been so ferocious including in Canberra a few years ago, we want you to know that we have a plan to ensure the safety of our boarders in the event such a disaster threatened us.

We have an arrangement with the senior Vet for the Territory who has an agreement with the RSPCA and the Pound for assistance to be made available to us at Tara in the event of an evacuation of the facility at short notice. 

The evacuation plan that will see us assisted with vehicles and staff to help with the uplift.

All boarders (dogs, cats, birds rabbits etc.) under my direction assisted by Tara staff and the Territory Vet would lbe assisted by management and staff from the Pound and the RSPCA. 

Tara staff would resume responsibility for the care of our boarders until such time as we could resume boarding at Pialligo. 

Hopefully this would never be required but it is reassuring to know that we have a plan if such an event arises and the specialised help that would be needed. 

We also have a list of customers who would be willing to help out in such an event. All customers are welcome to voulnteer for this emergency removal if they think they can be of service. Let Kerry or Bec know if you would be willing to help in the event of such an emergency.



summers day at Tara


Well summer came and went and Autumn continued to bring rain and has made our garden lush and lovely - hope it continues and we never suffer from the dry spells that plagued us previously!  


Well the colder weather has arrived after the summer refused to reveal itself .

As you may  know we have lots of heated kennels now having increased our heaters for both large and small dogs last winter.

On the subject of warmth we also now offer blankets for hire. We do have to charge because I have to keep replenishing stock as many dogs are extremely hard on blankets!

if they don't ruin them they have to be washed after use and hung out to dry ( and this takes water and electricity and detergent and staff time) as well as dried off in the dryer (and this is expensive). We charge $20 per stay and includes one large blanket for  a large dog (for their bedroom at the back of the kennel which is fully enclosed and heated) and two small blankets for little dogs - one for their kennel and one for their bed also on a heater.

We are happy for you to bring blankets from home but it is often the case that they do become soiled or ruined.

We also sell coats and junmpers at Tara for a very reasonable price. Ask staff at the desk if you would like to have a look at what might suit your dog and check out the good value price. It is especially important for very young or very old dogs to have a coat during our Canberra winter and dogs that have no extra fat and very short hair.

We have just had the June long weekend and the snow fields are now officially open! 

Hopefully we will get a great season this year and we can make the most of living so close the mountains.

I will write again soon as the winter continues.


All the best


Kerry and the team




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